About Us
About Freevii

With high competition in the current job market, freshgraduates and jobseekers have enough hardship as it is. At Freevii, we plan to make it easier for you by creating a resume that reflects not only your achievements and experience, you will also have the freedom to choose based on your personality and career, Be it minimalistic, professional or corporate style, it is totally your choice!

However, should you need assistance on what's best for you, we are here to offer you our service. A chance to have your resume being reviewed by experienced recruiters and hiring managers to increase your odds of being employed. With the help of their expertise, it just may be what the doctor ordered! It is important to know what to put on a resume. Resumes are your profile that helps Recruiters/Hiring Manager to make hiring decisions that would ensure to land on your dream job. Once you have learned how to write a proper resume, employers will come knocking at your door in no time.

Our Vision

Helping the younger generation as our future leader and jobseekers alike to materialize their dreams in the workforce as a means of giving back to the society.

Our Mission

We help jobseekers to increase the probability of getting their resumes to be noticed by Hiring Managers and Recruiters, equipping them the necessary tools to which they can flaunt their top qualities thus outshine their competition.

We are user-friendly to ensure anyone can have the chance to use Freevii.

Besides our free templates, our premium ones are at an affordable price that offers quality to our customers.

With our ready-made templates, our services save the time of going through the hassle of creating resumes.